Immersion, Empathy and Social Impact: 360° experiences offer new opportunities for fictional and documentary narration. Yet how to develop high-quality content and reach our target group? Let’s ask the professionals!

The future of storytelling has already begun; in a few years’ time, narration in 360° worlds will have established itself alongside traditional media. The journey takes us from cinema to spatial narrative, from documentary to 360° experiences, from reportage to immersive journalism.

That is why i4c - Spring into 360° focuses again this time on storytelling, addressing possibilities and opportunities for filmmakers, journalists and creatives. The new medium calls not only for the ancient wisdom of the storytellers, but also additional, new, technical and psychological knowledge.

We talk to the professionals about their experiences and visions, present the latest developments in content and innovations relating to camera and volumetric video, and discuss their possibilities and challenges.

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i4c – Spring into 360° Speakers

Stefan Göppel

Re’flekt / Germany

Stefan Göppel has embarked into the field of augmented and virtual reality with accepting his position at Re’flekt in 2013. When Re’flekt tested and assessed the first 300 Oculus DK1, the consideration of a new perspective to view the potential in VR became obvious. Reaching back to existing experiences in the related AR-technologies, first VR-projects with customers have been realized.

Lukas Ondreka

Süddeutsche Zeitung / Germany

Lukas is a journalist and 360° filmmaker. He is currently investigating VR experiences for Süddeutsche Zeitung, meeting the challenges of paving the way for spatial and interactive narration into the journalistic and documentary realms of storytelling.

Andreas Gall

Red Bull Media House / Austria

Since March 2017, Andreas Gall is following his new task as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) at Red Bull Media House GmbH (RBMH), after previously having run the company as Chief Technology Officer and Co-CEO for 10 years. As an experimental incubator, he is engaged in accelerating the innovative potential of RBMH by bridging between digital media, content and new technologies.

Eren Aksu

Emblematic / USA

Eren Aksu is a VR Film maker, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and the Chief Opportunity Creator for Emblematic Group in Los Angeles, California. He has in depth knowledge of the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality industries, helping companies build custom content solutions and pipelines for these completely new mediums. He is also one of 10 Oculus VR for Good Film Directors.

Johannes Steurer

ARRI / Germany

Johannes Steurer is Principal Engineer R&D at ARRI Cine Technik and responsible for research and innovations such as depth-sensing, self-localization, lens focusing for motion picture cameras. Scientific lecturer and expert reviewer for various institutions, member of SMPTE and FKTG. He received several awards including an Oscar Statuette for the development of the ARRILASER film recorder.

Ingo Feldmann

Frauenhofer HHI / Germany

Ingo Feldmann is head of the “Immersive Media & Communication” group at “Vision & Imaging Technologies” department at Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute. His main research fields are 3D video reconstruction, telepresence and virtual environments, AR/VR environments, 360° omnidirectional video and real-time video processing.

Dorothee Pitz

WDR / Germany

Dorothee Pitz is an editor at WDR “Hier und Heute” TV broadcast, developing new notions and formats for documentary web stories with special focus on VR projects. The intention underlying her 360° documentary “Inside Ausschwitz” is to unravel new virtual and narrative dimensions of the traditional documentary genre, and to make storytelling more accessible to Generation Z.

Corine Meijers

Submarine Channel / Niederlande

Corine Meijers has studied cinema in the Netherlands and in Stockholm and was working several years as a coordinator at international film festivals. Since 2014 she has been developing a variety of projects as interactive producer for Submarine Channel, i.e. Poppy, De Industrie, Ashes to Ashes, Who Are The Champions?, Bistro In Vitro and Motion Comics Exhibition – The Beginnings.

Philip Grabow

Grabow & Bartetzko / Germany

Philip Grabow is a creative pioneer and lives the possibilities of the digital age. As CEO of Grabow & Bartetzko Filmproduktion, he is extending national and international brands across different online video content into the internet.

Philipp Bartel

ARRI Media / Germany

Philipp Bartel is Head of Creative Media Solutions bei ARRI Media in Munich. Running the departments Commercial Postproduction, Events and Exhibition Design as well as VR/AR/360° Content Development and Production since 2015, he is responsible for strategic, technological and creative client consulting, large-scale projects, and strategic business development.

André Rittner

ARRI Media / Germany

André Rittner has been Key Account Manager at ARRI Media Creative Solutions since 2016, and oversees the department Virtual and Augmented Reality, having realized eminent experiences contributing significantly to the economic development in the industry.


9.30 am Admission
10.00 am Welcome
10.30 am Stefan Göppel, Lukas Ondreka / Germany
SZ VR and Re’flekt 360° – Empowering SZ for Virtual Reality
11.00 am Andreas Gall / Austria
The Making of VR: VR Productions at Red Bull Media House
under Extreme Conditions
11.30 am Coffee Break
12.00 am Eren Aksu / USA
The Future of Mixed Realities
1.00 pm Lunch Break
2.00 pm Johannes Steurer / Germany
Prototype of a 360° Alexa camera system and first use case productions
2.30 pm Ingo Feldmann / Germany
Volumetric Video
3.00 pm Dorothee Pitz / Germany
»Inside Auschwitz« – A VR Documentation
3.30 pm Corine Meijers / The Netherlands
Submarine Channel –Producing & Distributing VR
4.00 pm Philip Grabow / Germany
A Filmmaker’s Guide to 360° Video:
The Facebook 360° add-on for the TV-Series »4 Blocks«
4.30 pm Demos in the Foyer
5.00 pm End of event

Expert Sessions

11.00–12.00 am

Stefan Göppel, Lukas Ondreka: Re’flekt 360 Building Tool

Going into the Case Study in more detail, the Re’flekt 360° software and the different fields of application are explained. Questions on Süddeutsche Zeitung’s journalistic approach to 360° experiences will also be welcome – in German

1.00–1.45 pm

Philip Grabow: A Filmmaker’s Guide to 360°

Philip Grabow has a lot to say about the production of mobile VR, Web VR and 360° experiences. Anyone wanting to go into this in depth can ask his/her questions or also experience “4Blocks 360°” exclusively on an oculus – in German

2.15–3.15 pm

Philipp Bartel, André Rittner, Dr. Johannes Steurer:

360° Alexa camera system
Following their keynote “Prototype of a 360° Alexa camera system”, the ARRI group will zoom into details regarding the production flow, providing the opportunity of diving into the VR experience on HTC-Vive – in German

3.30–5.00 pm

Eren Aksu: Social Impact & VR

The experiences of the Emblematic Group around Nonny de la Peña are highly emotional. The “Godmother of Virtual Reality” was the first to come up with the term “Immersive Journalism” – in English


The Bavarian Film Center is more than delighted to host again the i4c – Content Creation for Virtual Worlds at the impressive modern construction of the HFF – University of Television and Film Munich which is located in the Munich art district vis-à-vis the “Alte Pinakothek”, Bernd-Eichinger-Platz 1. What makes this modern construction so fascinating is its outstanding and advanced architecture.

University of Television and Film Munich
Bernd-Eichinger-Platz 1
(formerly Gabelsbergerstraße 33)
80333 Munich

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i4c – Spring into 360° is an event of the Bavarian Film Centre, Creative Europe Desk Munich, in cooperation with the University of Television and Film Munich, with the support of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, under the umbrella of Immersive.Bavaria, in collaboration with MedienNetzwerk Bavaria, Laval Virtual and the 3IT Berlin.

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